More People Choosing Neoprene in the Fight for Best Life Jacket

People hate wearing life jackets. However, everyone knows they are necessary equipment for anyone who owns a lake house or enjoys taking family and friends out water skiing, tubing, wake boarding. Even just a day in the boat requires proper number of Personal Flotation Device (PFD) onboard. Luckily, the newest neoprene life vest results in a much better way to stay active and safe on the water.

Customized Life Jackets for Watersports

Water sports and recreational boating life preservers have come a long way. Originally, life preservers lacked comfort and were difficult to use. However, nowadays, comfortable neoprene models come from many different familiar brands, such as Body Glove, O'Brian, and Stearns. Greater range of movement than traditional vests, neoprene alternatives can also be customized for different water sports. The variety is not lacking and includes tubing life jackets, water ski vests, and wakeboard vests.

Kids Neoprene Life Jackets

Life jackets are necessary for people of all ages, but children are the most common users. Kids neoprene life jackets have durable neoprene fabric liners, are designed specifically for children's bodies, and are easy to use. Several kids neoprene life vests come with shark "fins" on the back which make it easier to grab children from the water and also see where child is swimming. Stronger swimmers have reported greater mobility when wearing this type of vest. Best of all, they stop complaining because they forget they are even wearing a life preserver!

Active Adults

Don't worry adults, neoprene life vests are available for people of any age. They are a favorite for jetskiers, waterskiers, and wakeboarders. Neoprene is a synthetic polymer, which is similar to rubber. Neoprene is resistant to oil, heat, and weathering, which makes these types of comfortable life jackets very durable in all types of weather, temperatures, and water exposure. Neoprene life vests are highly recommended due to the durability of the neoprene material.

Neoprene is world famous for its use in Wetsuits.

A Neoprene PFD stands out because they are lightweight alternatives to other materials. Body Glove sells neoprene PFDs for men, women, and children that provide extra support while still being ultra light and extra soft on the body to prevent skin irritation. Most zipper life jackets are made from neoprene because they are easy to wear and need a secure fit to the body. The zipper helps to get the vest off quickly when switching riders for watersports.

Choosing the Right Life Vest

Its always best to look at life vests for the specific water activity that you will be participating in the most. Vests that are designed specifically for water activities such as tubing, water skiing, and wakeboarding allow for more movement. The durable neoprene material can withstand the increased stress and wear and tear than the foam and nylon style. They will also not tear as is often the case with the nylon when being stowed on the boat. All and all, neoprene life jackets are more comfortable for activities that require people to be more active than just normal swimming or spending a day on the boat.

Life jackets save countless lives every year, especially when it comes to children. Not to mention state and federal laws at the very least require children 13 years and younger to be wearing a life preserver while onboard a boat. Additionally, every boat must have atleast 1 PFD per person on the boat. When choosing a life preserver, look for ones that carry the US Coast Guard approval. You should be able to find this on the sewn-in tag and neoprene vests are no exception. This certification lets you know that the life jacket is qualified to do what the brand advertises and has passed testing.

Check the reviews of different types of life preservers and make sure that you know the body weight limits of each vest. More active people on the water will require more flexible vests to suit their needs. Some people do not like the wet, sticky feeling of a tighter-fitting neoprene life vest. But like a wetsuit, once the vest is on the fit is much more snug and comfortable. You can give it a try yourself. The hardcore wakeboarders and tubers in the family will be happy you did.

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