Toughest Dock Cleats

Toughest Dock Cleats

Dock cleats are the most common and safest way to secure your boat to the dock. They come in a variety of materials from stainless steel to chrome and aluminum. They also come with a variety of hooks for tying a boat to a dock.

The more stable the dock hardware is fastened to the deck the more secure the boat itself will be while docked between outings. Whether it is a short term or long term mooring at a wharf, harbor or pier, either the rope cleat or horn cleat can serve as an efficient means for tying a boat to a dock.

Horn Cleat

The horn cleat has been around for generations and is perfect for tying off a boat securely. To properly tie a line to a cleat, the best method is the cleat hitch. This type of knot allows the horn cleat to serve as a secure fastening mechanism for the boat that won't give. If you do not know how to tie this classic hitch then you can watch the short instructional video below.

There are many different types of materials utilized for horn cleats.

Galvanized Dock Cleat

Galvanized is the most selected material for dock cleats. The cast iron is hot-dipped resulting in the toughest galvanized metal for all weather and wear and tear. The design screws from the top to the deck adding extra support against breakage.  If you want to install it and not have to think about it for some time choose the galvanized dock cleat.

Stainless Steel Cleat

A stainless steel cleat will provide a shiny metallic finish that won't rust. These are often put on boats but can also be adopted for use on the dock. Standard size is 6 inch long but they are not very high off the deck and cannot be used with too thick of rope.

Flip Up Dock Cleat

Reletively new, the flip up dock cleat can fold closed when not in use. This is great for people who sometimes stub their toes on raised cleats. This smaller cleat, however, is not suitable for securing large boats and should be used with care.  

Next Generation Cleats

The Dock Edge Solar 8 is the latest in cleat technology. It doubles as lighting for your dock using solar power and LED lights installed on the side. A single charge can last for 12 hours and the cleat comes with a rechargeable AAA battery. Light up your dock for night cruises and safety with the world's coolest dock cleat.

Quick and Secure Cleat Installation Guide