Dock Bumpers & Edging

Dock Bumpers & Edging

Everyone has those times when the dock comes in a little too fast and the boat rams on wood with a painful THUD. Laughs break out if trustworthy dock bumpers for boats are in place to cushion the blow. If not, however, then dead silence accompanies a reluctant glance over the rail to inspect the damage.

Rubber bumpers placed around the dock are crucial for protecting your boat from scuffs or even worse structural damage. Installed strategically at points of high impact, different bumper and edging systems will be more suitable depending on your boat size and dock setup. Below are some of the best bumpers for dock edging, straight sections, dock posts, and the corner sections of gangways.  Together, they guard your boat against banging hard against the dock.

Dock Edging

Most docks and boat slips will have boat dock edging that goes around the upper edge of the dock facing out. This practical strip of vinyl not only protects your hull from impacting the side of the dock, but also your rails from slamming down on the top of the deck when people disembark or waves cause the docked boat to rock.

The Taylor Made Products P-Shaped mold will corner on the top of the deck. If your boat hits lower down, then the Taylor Made Commercial Grade edging might be more suitable.

Heavy-Duty Bumpers

A few scenarios require a heftier bumper beyond the lighter edging material. For example, a boat slip often requires a boat owner to come in headfirst. This exposes the underbelly of the hull to harm from consistent impact.

For this, we recommend Dock Edge's Dock Bumper for extra cushion and Taylor Made Dock Pro for a 3-foot length of inflated protection. Note, these also work great for unprotected straight sections of your dock and boat slip.

Dock Post Bumpers

For rounded areas including posts and pilings, the Dock Post Bumpers made by Taylor Products should fit the bill. This versatile product is made specifically for guarding your boat against posts but their flexible, heavy-duty canvas material can accommodate most angle profiles found around dock constructions. The foam filling guarantees a softer impact for one of the best dock piling bumpers in the industry.

Dock Corner Bumpers

To ensure no part of the dock is left exposed, it is a good idea to install dock corner bumpers. These rubber angles are typically 90-degree molds that fit perfectly on corner sections of your dock deck. Taylor Made has two corner bumpers for docks that both rest perfectly on the corner joints to protect both the tops and sides of the deck.

One is slightly smaller and more suitable for a narrow jetty out into the water. The other covers larger corner sections and better for wider docks with bigger walkways.  Eitherway, you cannot go wrong with these trustworthy bumpers for the corner-sections of your dock.  

After Purchasing Your Dock Bumper Follow This Guide for Easy Installation.