Boat Fenders

Boat Fenders

Boat fenders are the first line of defense when docking or barging with other boats. Most are inflated and filled with air to provide a cushiony buffer between your boat and other hard surfaces you might bump up against. They put up with a lot of abuse but don't mind that their tough work day in and day out often goes unnoticed.

Choose the wrong fender system for your boat, however, and you may pay the price in a scuffed-up paint job or even more serious structural damage to your boat. Make sure you choose the correct size boat fender for your make and model and understand how you will hang them in the bow, middle, and stern of your boat.

Fish and Ski Boat Fenders

Fish and ski boats - like Four Winns, Princecraft, Crownline, Mastercraft - will require the traditional inflated tube boat fender that hangs from the side of your boat. Recreational boat fenders are made from a few different materials like polyform, vinyl, and rubber.

For the best polyform boat fenders look to products made by the industry leader Polyform Us Ltd. Their famous Polyform G series has been around for years and years. Few can complain with their long tested line of service. For fender covers, they make a heavy-duty fabric slip that fits perfectly around the bumper. Buy the G series bumper with cover together by adding both to your cart.

Most of the Taylor Made fenders are made from a strong, durable vinyl material. The SuperGard fender offers more protection for boats in rougher areas where a boat might undergo more jostling around due to waves from passing boat wakes. For boats docked in protected, wake-free areas the Hull Gard is the line of Taylor Made boat fenders for you.

Pontoon Boat Bumpers

Pontoon boat owners know it's a challenge to find the right bumper and fender system to protect the metal rail and aluminum curtain from taking damaging blows when docking or barging with other boats. Pontoon boats typically require bigger bumpers, in which case the Taylor Made Big B is an excellent choice.

Taylor Made also comes to the rescue for replacing corner pontoon bumpers. The 3" by 12" neutral-grey bumper wraps each corner of the boat providing extra air-cushioned protection.

Bass Boat Fenders

Bass boats also have the problem of finding boat fenders that fit properly. Traditional boat fenders snag the fishing poles and hooks and create extra bulk in boats designed for speed and agility rather than storage capacity. Besides, any spare storage should be dedicated to live wells for all the fish you catch!

Luckily, Akua Marine has solved this problem with their flat boat fenders. The plastic mold matches the contours of bass boats and suction cups to the side of the boat. Low bulk and added protection. Don't believe it? Just check out the reviews.

Boat Fender Hangers

Once you have chosen the right boat fenders for your boat, there remains the problem of hanging the bumper at the proper height and at high impact areas. We have selected our favorite boat fender holders for each style boat so you don't have to worry about losing another bumper from a slipknot gone wrong.

Fish and Ski boats have the luxury of high rails that are perfect for the Taylor Made Products' Lock and Peg Set. This fender clip system is a one-time set up and then it's easy to lift the fender off when the boat gets going.

Pontoon boats should look for something to hang easily from their aluminum, square rail. Once again Taylor Made Products has you covered with the Pontoon Boat Rail Fender Adjuster. You can easily relocate and adjust anywhere along your guardrail.

For other circular, odd-shaped railings, or boat cleats that you may want to hang boat fenders from, either the Tidy-ups or Clip Rail Mount for a secure connection.

Finally, don't forget to check the thickness of the line that your chosen hanger can handle. We recommend the 6-foot long Seachoice Fender Line at 3/8" thickness that should be compatible with most clips and hanger systems. With a combination of these boat fender hangers and rope fenders, your boat will avoid any future run-ins with the dock!