About Us

Do you just absolutely love being out on a boat cruising around an open lake? Good, because so do we. Grab your floating boat key and hop aboard as we set out to uncover the best products and information for fresh water boaters around the US.

Down at the Dock is a website created by father and son Joe & Rob Butler, family boat and dock slip owner in beautiful New Hampshire for more than a decade. We passionately pass on boat and dock related information for the thousands of family boat goers who spend every possible second of leisure time upgrading, entertaining on, laughing about, playing on, obsessing over their boat and dock. We don't think its weird at all.

We are not into showing off. We want to provide practical know-how to the "normal" boat and dock owner. While we don't claim to know it all, we let our tans, smiles, and a few harmless dings on the hull do the talking.

We didn't always have a boat. We spent painless years renting boats, borrowing from friends and family, breaking jet skis, watching boats wiz by from the beach before taking the plunge. We do not take it for granted and work hard to ensure weekends are spent enjoying what we love most.

Nothing makes us happier than entertaining friends and family in sharing in on the enjoyment. The best is watching newcomers drive (don't tell the marine patrol) or getting someone up on water skis for the first time.

We also know the great feeling of taking her out solo for the first run of the day. The misty dew melting off as the sun comes up on a glassy lake. We truly live for those moments.

Everyone needs help when it comes to docks, dock maintenance, and the world of boating, including us when we first started. We want to help you avoid some of the mistakes we made. By reducing the time to understand what boat bumpers to buy, it maximizes your time enjoying what you love to do. Let the stress melt away with the familiar squishy step of wood on water.

When arriving to the lake, we throw on our suits and tank tops as we rush out the door. When asked, "Where are you going?" our answer is always the same, "I'll be Down at the Dock”.

Join us on the journey of going from a knee-shaking landlubber to a leather-skinned master of the docks.


Joe & Rob